Emotional and Mental Benefits

Helps eleviate stress and anxiety..

Helps eleviate mood swings, frustration, self loathing, feelings of negativity and anger

Helps the grieving process and times of severe distress.

Boost self confidence

Promotes clarity of thought and creativity.

It enhances your capacity to love and empathise and connect with other people.

Enhances and strenthens' personal relationships, 

Promotes and enhances your memory, your learning abilities and mental clarity.


Reference:  Spiritual-butterfly, Usui Reiki Second Degree Manual



Relieves ache and pains from muscle pain or injuries.

Improves health for recipients suffering from a wide range of illnesses such as : migraine, arthritis, sciatica, asthma, chronic fatigue and menopausal symptoms 

Improves sleep provided a better quality and deeper sleep.

Speeds up recovery from surgery  or long term illness

Aids in the adjustment of medication and reduces side effects.  Patients receiving Chemo-Therapy tend to notice a decrease in side effects from treatment.

​​Reiki means- Universal Life Energy and is a powerful Japanese healing technique.  It involves a gentle hands on healing method, (although hands off can be used), where universal energy is channeled through the practitioners hands.

It helps promote healing in the physical body, and also cleanses, balances and harmonizes the recipient mentally, emotionally and spiritually by cleansing body's Chakras.


Enables you to connect your human mind with the higher universal forces.

Enhances your intuition.

Helps you develop positive direction in your life

Promotes self peace and harmony.

What is Reiki?

Kim Gapper

​Holistic Therapies in Stevenage