REIKI is a gentle non-invasive energy healing that is safe, effective and can do no harm.  It re-balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an animal. by releasing energy blockages.  Once the blockages have been cleared energy can flow again re-balancing the body, mind and soul.   Reiki can address the root cause of illnesses and conditions and adapts to the animals natural needs.  It heals holistically.

Animals decide where they want to receive the Reiki and for how long.  They also determine whether they want the Reiki to heal them physically, mentally or emotionally, or all of these areas.

Reiki is not a replacement for appropriate or needed veterinary medical care.  However it does support medical care by accelerating the healing process and helps with reducing pain and discomfort.


Reiki enhances overall wellbeing - Animals like us humans sometimes have emotional, mental and physical imbalances.  These imbalances stem from fear, aggression, depression, grievances, stress and anxiety and can manifest into illness if left untreated.

By having periodic Reiki Therapy it can help maintain the balance of your pets natural state of wellbeing.  

Reiki can help accelerate healing following surgery or illness:- it can help alleviate and prevent side effects of conventional medicines like antibiotics and prescription drugs, as well as providing pain relief, relaxation and enhancing the bodies natural healing process.

Reiki can strengthen the immune system:- and is especially helpful for those receiving cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radio therapy.  it can help strengthen an already compromised immune system and helps alleviate the side effects of conventional cancer therapy and provide pain relief.

Reiki can help with behaviour issues:- The majority of behaviour issues are caused by stress.  Reiki helps balance out emotions such as fear, aggression, anxiety, depression and other behaviour issues.  The gentle touch and energy can help pets to restore trust who associate touch with being hurt, so is beneficial for animals with a history of abuse and those on sheltered care.  Reiki can help with the transition of introducing a new pet or moving house, more receptive to training and behavior modification as it helps to heal the spirit, assisting animals back to a state of trust, confidence and connection with other animals and people.

Reiki can increase the bond and trust between you and your pet:- Pets and their owners often mirror each others physical and emotional issues.  This is because animals are natural healers and in the attempt to heal their owners they sometimes take on their owners issues.  This happens because there is a close and deep bond between you, and energetic imbalances can be shared.  For optimum healing, joint Reiki healing for both pet and owner can be beneficial.


Kim Gapper

Trained with Tina Reibl- The Reiki school

Animal Reiki Healing